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Do you help all 3rd Sector organisations?

Yes, we have the knowledge and capabilities to support organisations spanning the entirety of the 3rd Sector.

Is there a maximum number of clients you can support?

To ensure we can provide the maximum level and quality of support, we limit the maximum number of clients who we partner with.  To avoid disappointment, sign up today via 

Is there a minimum period of support which our organisation must sign up to?

Yes, we ask all our clients to partner with us for a minimum of 12 months.

Can we change our support package?

Yes, you can progress to a higher support package at any point, however, should you wish to reduce your package, we can only facilitate this after a 12-month minimum period.

Your packages are priced in £ however our organisation is based within RoI, can you provide us package prices in Euros?

Yes, please enquire via to access these prices.

Can you support organisations across Ireland and Great Britain?


The type of monthly support package we would like isn't available, can you still help us?

That’s not a problem. We recognise that each organisation is unique, as such we have the ability to provide you a fully tailored monthly support package.

How are packages paid for?

Monthly direct debit in advance

We’re interested in your additional support services; how do we access them?

We pride ourselves on the large variety of additional value-added services we can provide that help our clients achieve their aims and objectives.  These services can be access by directly enquiring via