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Specialist support for the
community and voluntary sector


Building A Better Future Together

At Third Sector Connect we aim to partner with and support organisations to maximise their impact across their community, making sure their vision, aims and objective are delivered in the effective, sustainable and focused manner.

We Work With Charities

We Work With Social Enterprise

How We Can Help

Third Sector Funding


Need help to identify the correct funding? The founders of third sector connect have cumulatively secured circa £12m in grants for multiple organisations. Let us help you.
Third Sector Knowledge & Support

Knowledge & Support

We can partner with your organisation to provide the knowledge and support needed to help you and your organisation to get started and continue to grow.

Third Sector Training


Have you identified areas of potential improvement? We can provide a bespoke service to help you to develop the skills needed to grow your organisation.

Packages We Offer

Why Choose Us

Successful Track Record

The founders of third sector connect have cumulatively secured circa £30m in grants for multiple organisations to achieve their aims and objectives.  We know the who, where, when and how in securing grant opportunities, growing and structuring organisations, developing new skills and generating positive impact, and we have the figures to back this up.


Richard, Edward and Kingsley and Gavin have well established reputations across Private, Public and Third Sector organisations, as people who are innovative, straight talking, able to successfully make projects a reality and make a real contribution to economic growth and community development.


It can be difficult to identify and focus on the necessary steps to help an organisation achieve its aims and objectives.  We have significant experience in providing independent insight and directional focus to multiple organisations and in helping to develop the necessary skills and actions needed to achieve their aims and objectives so that they can have an increase positive impact on the community.


With thousands of connections locally, nationally, and globally we can use our networks to promote the aims of your organisation and facilitate introductions that can help elevate your goals and community impact.


We have decades of experience successfully delivering projects nationally and internationally, establishing businesses and other enterprises, securing grants, implementing strategies, building brands, generating new innovative ideas, structuring organisations and providing a significant return of investment. 

We can partner with your organisation and provide this knowledge to you when you need it so that together we build momentum for your organisation and continuing successes.