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Building a Better Future Together

At Third Sector Connect we aim to partner with and support organisations to maximise their impact across their community, making sure their vision, aims and objective are delivered in the effective, sustainable and focused manner. We are a Northern Ireland based consultancy business, specialising in fundraising and capacity building support for Third Sector Organisations. The company has been formed to provide the sector Strategic, Effective and Caring fundraising support.

‘Third sector organisations’ is a term used to describe the range of organisations that are neither public sector nor private sector. It includes voluntary and community organisations (both registered charities and other organisations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.



Edward Hanna

Edward has over 20 years experience working in and supporting the community, voluntary and cultural sector. He has held a number of public appointments and has been very fortunate to chair a number of charities, social enterprises and businesses throughout his career.

Edward has a wide range of skills from funding and strategic planning to training development and governance support.

Over the past decade Edward has managed and supported a wide range of public and voluntary sector programmes ranging from £30,000- £1.6 billion (Greenbook).

Edward’s core passion is working with grass roots leaders and volunteers to help empower them to help grow, sustain and deliver upon community need and expectation. Over the past 10 years Edward has trained and supported over 5,000 local volunteers into the world of ‘local civic leadership’ and mentored 100’s of others who are currently active leaders both locally and across the world.

Kingsley Donaldson

Kingsley has over a decade of experience in the community and cultural sector, primarily through his leadership of the Causeway Initiative. His central focus is on leadership, strategy and concept development.

He has experience in growing the capability and capacity of clients, from commercial businesses, voluntary associations, cultural groups through to veterans organisations. He has a strong background in public affairs and advocacy, engaging with stakeholders and funders at all levels.

Through the Causeway Initiative, Kingsley has delivered programmes across Northern Ireland, Europe and the Middle East, in the peace-building and conflict resolution sectors. Much of this work is centred on developing civil society groups, from designing and implementing governance and structures, obtaining funding and support, programme design, project management and ultimately, delivery and evaluation of activities.


Richard is a Director of Forsythe Consulting Ltd, offering a range of practical advice and support to client organisations.

Services include organisational development, funding, strategic planning, facility development, fundraising, capacity building and training. Richard has more than 15 years’ experience in the public and third sector of supporting community and voluntary organisations achieve their ambitions.

Richard has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of skills and experiences that enhance his ability to adapt to the constantly evolving circumstances of the sector. His skill set means that he is heavily involved in Facility Development, Social Change, Sports Development and Peace Building Projects.

He has a lifelong passion for football and works with the Irish Football Association in a developmental capacity that primarily aims to secure funding from grant making trusts and foundations, FIFA, UEFA, and government.

Richard works to present each client in the best possible light for securing their desired objectives. For some, this will entail large scale public funding, whilst for others this might be essential organisational governance, strategic planning and readiness towards consolidation or growth. Richard holds several voluntary roles including Director of Newry and Mourne Community Transport.




Marian has extensive experience working with community and voluntary organisations to assist them in the development and improvement of their services. 

She has a background in voluntary youth work, community development and good relations and peace building, working across the community and voluntary sector and local government in Down and Armagh, both rural and urban.   With a 1st Class Hons Degree in Community Development and a Post Grad qualification in Events Management, both from University of Ulster, she also brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in in supporting groups, project management, project budgeting, event management, and research and evaluation. 

Additionally, she has recently developed and delivered online community training programmes for local government and is currently working collaboratively with female entrepreneurs from across the UK on business improvement and online programme delivery.