So you’re thinking of starting up your own social enterprise and looking for some tips and guidance on how to get it off the ground? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself why are you doing what you are doing. The more you can understand this question, the easier it is to find the answer. A major difference between a regular business and a social enterprise is instead of being motivated by making profit, one is motivated by the urge to see positive change in society.

Reasons to start a social enterprise 


  1. Challenge yourself

Focus on an area that you are passionate about and challenge yourself to do something about it. 


  1. Make a change 

A successful social enterprise has the potential to transform lives. Short term, you are creating new jobs for people in your community. Long term, you could make a lasting impact and contribute to a great cause. Homelessness, environmental issues or third world countries are examples of areas desperate for change; a change you have the potential to make. 


  1. Educate yourself 

Embarking on this new social enterprise journey will educate you in new ways and teach you so much about not only just the world we are living in but yourself too. Challenge yourself, take risks and be the change you’ve always wanted to see. 


  1. Social Impact

No matter what area or social issue you decide to dedicate yourself to, you will be making the first step in building a better future. 


  1. Do it for you!

Running a social enterprise and having a positive impact on society is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Small steps that you make today can lead to huge change in communities, transforming lives. The sense of accomplishment you will feel as a result of this is immense, and worth every challenge you may come across in your journey. 


These are just a handful of reasons skimming the surface of what you can gain out of starting up your own social enterprise. Now that you know why you want to begin, it’s time to start putting your ideas into practise and get the ball rolling. We will have another post up in the coming days offering our top tips on how to get your enterprise started. Sign up to get notified when we post it!

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